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Service Offerings

Innovation Trips

Dive deep into innovation along a specific theme, region, or new product opportunity by engaging directly with the world's best-in-class startups, VCs, incubators, and large company innovation teams.  Best organized for teams of ten or less, these innovation trips create "a-ha" moments that galvanize senior leadership teams and forge lasting partnerships with the world's most innovative companies.

Targeting Acquisition Opportunities

If your business is under pressure, your strategy team may have a clear vision that an acquisition is key to your organization's continued growth. Whether it's a tech buy, acqui-hire, or a traditional acquisition of a competitor or partner, Identifying and engaging with an acquisition target requires market savvy and a global perspective.

Market Scanning


In today's world, all markets are global and the complexity of our supply chain and distribution channels often challenge even the most solid business model. A global enterprise needs to have it's sensors finely tuned and looking ahead to take advantage of opportunity, and thwart challenges.  TabardAG believes market scanning is much more than passive surveillance, it requires active reconnaissance linked to a strong business strategy.

Technology Days

Like innovation trips, TechDays serve the purpose of quickly exposing leadership teams to the reality of the outside market.  When your IT, Product, or Engineering teams need to focus and have a set of specified requirements, TechDays serve to find the signal in the noise.  TabardAG organizes quickfire sessions at the location best suited for your team.  By selecting the right set of vendors, suppliers, and/or partners to meet your business needs, you can explore and quickly create meaningful engagements.

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